Our Philosophy

It's no secret everything in the body is connected. However, HOW it's connected and how it ACTUALLY works is often overlooked or misunderstood. The body moves is some pretty amazing ways and at BURST, we want to help our patients understand the impacts.

Traditional Physical Therapists are trained to look at a patient's symptom and treat that symptom. At BURST, we look at the patient as a whole person; every patient will go through a comprehensive evaluation that looks at the ENTIRE body, not just a single symptom.

The human body moves through expansion and compression. We force air and internal fluid into the right place at the right time to achieve optimal positioning for movement. Until we don't.

Typically, pain in the body is created from compression in the wrong area at the wrong time. This compression leads to issues and forces muscles to work more than they should. When we alleviate the compression via proper expansion, optimal positioning is achieved, muscles relax, and pain subsides.

Ask Yourself...

Am I ready to experience effective treatments, efficient recoveries, and long-term health benefits?